Get The Hottest And Best Boot Socks At Renfro Socks

November 10th, 2014

Socks from Renfro for top picLast time, we talked about boots. Today I’m going to talk about something you need with those boots:  SOCKS!  And boy, oh boy, have I found a great sock company for you.

Introducing Renfro Socks! You can get the hottest and best boot socks or hottest and best any kind of socks at Renfro.

First off, Renfro Socks has all kinds of socks from such great brands like Dr. Scholl’s, New Balance, Hot Socks, Spaulding and Carhartt for work. So you can get everyday socks, gym socks, work socks and fun socks all in the same place! And then there’s Hot Sox. . .

Hot Sox

Some of you know me and know that I am more than a little sock obsessed.  I knit them, buy them, wear them and the wilder they are, the better. Therefore, the Hot Sox brand fits me to a tee, especially with the holidays coming up. And socks are the perfect complement to your shoes and  shoe accessories.  Let’s take a peek!


Starry Starry Night Socks Renfro


The pattern faithfully represents the Vincent Van Gogh painting Starry Night!

They are just $8 per pair and come in gray, purple and the blue shown here.

Sized for women.






Rafael Angel socks Renfro


Remember those cute little angels?  Now you can have them on your socks!

They are just $8 per pair and come in the purple and red shown here, as well as a teal and purple combination.

Sized for women.






Cat Christmas socks Renfro


Holiday socks featuring cats!  Does it get any better than that?  I THINK NOT!

They are just $8 per pair and come in a hot pinky-red or the charcoal shown here.

Sized for women.





And Now For The Really Good News!

There are all kinds of great socks at Renfro for your entire family, from infants to adults. And these wild socks come in men’s sizes, too! So if you need a gift for that wild-spirited guy in your life, take a look at Renfro Socks! These socks would make superb stocking stuffers!

There’s so much more for sock lovers at Renfro. So get some great happy socks for under those new boots!

Click on the banner below and have some fun buying socks!!!

Fall and Winter Collections at Hot Sox


Blue down arrowSo What Do You Think About Renfro Socks?

I don’t know about you, but I’m seriously in love!  If you’re a true sock aficionado like me, leave me a comment down below.

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Flat Boots Made For Walking

November 3rd, 2014

Lagos Combat Boots are great short and WARM boots!It’s getting colder, ladies. Bring on the boots! If your boots are not looking too spiffy, it may be time for a new pair. Or you may just want another pair, maybe in a different color. Boots of any kind are great, but. . . the best thing other than very dressy flats are flat boots made for walking!

Some Features To Look For

Some heel is good. You don’t want a pair of boots where there’s a quarter-inch or less between your foot and the ground. Besides being uncomfortable, your feet will get very cold. A lot of so-called “riding boots” have an approximate one-inch heel. These are good.

There are also boots now made with a bottom like a sneaker. They’re a little bit less dressy, but oh, so comfy! You feel like you’re in your best athletic shoes with a nice tall cuff.

Style is all over the place in boots. Some are dressier.  Some are more functional. Some have a lot more design. The look of your boots is pure personal preference; however, I consider comfort first. If my feet hurt, doesn’t matter if those gorgeous boots cost $500. . . I’m gonna be miserable!

Leather Or Not?

Again, personal preference. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, or you just don’t want to spend too much, you’re not going to want leather. The good news here is that a lot of the new synthetics feel just like leather and even wear like it. Synthetic fabrics often offer you more color choices, too.

If you only wear leather, you have a lot of choices. Leather stretches to fit your foot and gives a lot more than synthetics.  Be prepared to pay more, but your boots will probably last longer.


You might want to size up a half size in boots. If you’re wearing them in winter, you want the ability to put a heavier sock under them and not feel tight.  Also, some boots are sized a little bit differently than shoes.

Unless you know your brand, you probably should try them on. If you can’t get to a store, look for online retailers that will give you free returns, like Zappos.

My personal fave brand in boots is Bare Traps. They just fit me better. I know what size I wear in this brand and I can order them from anywhere and always know they will fit me perfectly.

On To The Boots!

Here are some great choices I found for you. You can purchase from Amazon or check the sidebars to the right for Payless and Zappos. Amazon and Zappos probably have the largest selection in all price ranges. If you want synthetic for an inexpensive price, then Payless is for you.

And here we go!

Which Ones Do YOU Want?

Did you find anything? I hope you did.  I’m in a holding pattern this year for boots. I have three good pair, two high in brown and black and a great pair of shooties in gray. Stay tuned for a post on shooties next. They are VERY popular this time of year.

And Now For A Boot Song. . . . Remember This One?

If I can help you find a great pair of flat boots made for walking or answer your questions about very dressy flats, please leave me a comment down below.

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Decorate Those Black Ballet Flats With Inexpensive Shoe Clip-Ons

October 27th, 2014
Shoe Clips 4

Beautiful mixed sparkly flat flowers with 3-D centers

Last time, I waxed poetic about the versatility and great value a pair of plain, black ballet flats can give you. I don’t want to beat a dead horse but, yesterday, I walked into Target and there, staring me in the face, was a whole rack of marked down hair goodies with clips that would work as shoe clip-ons!

Price Point

First off, all of these shoe clip-ons were under $6 for a card. Now as some cards were mixed, you might need two cards. But if you paid only $15 or $20 for a pair of inexpensive black ballet flats, spending another $12 for dressing those shoes up and getting THREE different looks isn’t bad.

Three looks? Sure. Plain black, dressed up with one ornament and then dressed up with the other ornament on the card.


Most of these were hair ornaments sized for children, so they are fairly small making them perfect for shoes. The burgundy flower is the only one that’s large, but would make a huge impact on your shoes if you’d like to draw your focus down to your feet.

Attaching The Clip-Ons To The Shoes

They all came on spring-type hair clips that could easily slip onto the top, side or heel of your shoes. None of the ones I saw had “teeth” either, so they won’t ruin your shoes. You could buy a bagful of these and mix and match at will!

Here’s What I Found

Again, all of these were under $6 per card.

  • The silver ones and the pink ones were a matched set per card so only $6 to update your shoes.
  • The bows came four different colors to a card, so you’d have to buy two cards and match them up.
  • The huge burgundy flower was only one per card so, again, you’d need two cards.
  • The mix and match flowers at the top of the article were two to a card, but different colors, so two cards.

Make Sure You Check Variety and Department Stores

If Target has these, other stores like KMart, Walmart and other department stores will have them, too. These were on sale and there were many more styles. Look in girls’ departments and jewelry departments to find these great bargains.

So What’re You Waiting For?

Head out to your discount department stores and get your shoe clip-ons. A little ingenuity and only a very few dollars will turn those plain black ballet flats into very dressy flats!

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Black Ballet Flat Shoes — Your Best Investment

October 24th, 2014

As promised, today we’re going to talk about the unassuming pair of black ballet flat shoes. This versatile slip-on shoe can turn into the best shoe investment you’ll ever make. And with some of the shoes I found for you today, you don’t have to invest much! So. . . what’s so good about a pair of plain black shoes?

Cole Haan black flats

They Go With Everything

Fact: Plain black shoes go with everything. Plain black heels are really in vogue these days, too. But if you need very dressy flats, the same principle applies. Buy plain black.

They Come In All Price Ranges

If you want a $200 pair of fine shoes, you’ll see one or two on my slide show today. Many people believe in purchasing one really good pair of shoes if they know they will go with everything.

On the other hand, if you get invited to a last minute party and it’s a day or two before payday, you can head to Payless and get a pair for under $20!  Some of the cheaper shoes look really good, too.  I defy anyone to figure out, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that you’re wearing Payless shoes or Cole Haans!

You Can Draw Your Focus Up

Yes, plain black ballet flats are. . . . PLAIN! You need very dressy flats. Well, less can be more. But if you’re worried about those shoes being too plain for your outfit, draw your focus up. If your dress is the proverbial “little black dress,” how about a killer piece of jewelry in the neckline or a huge cuff bracelet? Carry a kickass handbag in a contrasting, eye-catching color. Put on a shrug or bolero jacket in a sparkly fabric. How about a Billie Holiday flower in your hair? All of these techniques will draw the eye up and away from your shoes.

You Can Glitz ‘Em Up!

If you remember my post on shoe clip-ons, all you have to do is add a clip-on bow or even an earring. One of the shoes featured today is a foldable, packable pair. There is a teensy bow on the top that can easily be removed. Carry a pair of these in your purse and a spare pair of big earrings and VOILA!. . . very dressy flats for when those heels you thought you could wear are torturing your tootsies!

If you purchase one of the really inexpensive pairs featured (one, I think, starts around $6), you can do some more permanent decorating. Buy three or four pair and apply some glitter or other sparkles with a thin layer of invisible glue, maybe just on the toe. There is one pair featured that already has some glitter on it, but you can do this on the cheap .

Now Let’s Get To The Black Ballet Flat Shoes I’ve Found For You!



Now You Know What To Buy First

I love shoes and I am certainly NOT telling you to only buy a pair of black ballet flats. Not at all. BUT. . . if your funds are limited or you want something that you can just grab and run, you can’t do better than a great pair of black ballerina flats.

So do you have yours yet? Do you have another pair of shoes that really work for you with many outfits? If you do, leave me a comment down below. If I can help you find a pair of dressy flat shoes, drop me a line on that one, too.

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Very Dressy Flats For Women — It’s Almost Party Time!

October 20th, 2014

It’s getting time for holiday parties. Well, not quite yet, but we need to start thinking about those very dressy flats for women, right? I said women, but men like shoes, too, right? I’ll have to start another group for men’s shoes. :)  Right now, there are just too many for us gals!

Right now, this is my idea of a fun party shoe. What do you think about those cross-straps? I hear they’re very fashionable. Just think of this great shoe with a hot ornament on the front of it!

Not Quite Right

Last time, I featured shoes from Those were great, but I got a lot of flak as they were pretty expensive. Before that, I featured shoes from Payless. I was told those were too cheap. Can’t win, right?

So. . . I tried to mix it up today. You’ll note that there are many, many inexpensive plain ballet flats on this display. Those can be dressed up with a great shoe clip-on or left plain. Sometimes, less is more when you’re looking for a great flat shoe. Bring your focus somewhere else with a great handbag or piece of jewelry at your neckline. Then the shoes don’t matter so much.

Take a Peek

Take a gander at some of these great shoes! At the prices of some here, you could have a whole wardrobe! Many of the ballet flats come in scads of colors so you can pick a full bouquet.


Word to the Wise

If you find a pair you absolutely LOVE and work for you, buy more than one. Shoe styles go in and out very quickly. If the shoe fits well, does what you need, is super comfy and goes with 80% of your wardrobe, buy two or three pair. When you take the last pair out of the box, start looking for your next style. This will ensure you’re never out of a great pair of very dressy flats!

Did You Find Your New Shoes?

So what did you think? Did you find something you loved?

On my next post, I’m going to wax poetic on the benefits of that perfect pair of black ballet flats. Boring?  Maybe, but I’m going to show you how those plain black ballet flats can be the most versatile shoes in your wardrobe of very dressy flats. Stay tuned!

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More Very Dressy Flats at Zappos

October 10th, 2014

Last time, we looked at a few beautiful very dressy flats from one of the great online shoe stores, Zappos. Not only do they have a huge and beautiful selection of shoes and accessories for everyone, they offer free shipping both ways! Now you can take a chance on those perfect shoes and not have to worry about paying to return them!

Well. . . I couldn’t stop going back and looking. I found a few more. I could write on Zappos every day and never exhaust the supply of beautiful sheos!

Here are three more gorgeous candidates for your very dressy flats wadrobe!

Bunny by Vanelli  Zappos


Bunny by Vanelli  

Comes in tortoise patent (shown) and black patent, both with purple leather lining

Size range:  4 to 12, narrow, medium & wide widths



Glinda by Kate Spade  Zappos

Glinda by Kate Spade New York $228

Comes in Aluminum Specchio/Black Napa (shown) and Cobalt Patent/Black Nappa

Size range: 6 to 10 medium width only



Campuer Sinuosa in Navy  Zappos


Sinuosa by Camper  $180

Comes in Navy (shown), Black and Dark Green

Size range: US Whole Sizes 5 to 11 Medium width only; half sizes size up

These shoes have a slight heel built in. The really kewl thing is that, from the front, they look like dressy high heels!


I really have enough shoes but, ladies, how many pair does it take to be enough shoes? Is there such a thing? LOL  If I had to purchase one of these three, it would be the Sinuosa by Camper, although the ankle straps may not work for me because of ankle swelling. I’d sure love to try, though.

They are talking to me. When they start singing. . .  LOL Seriously, they are more than I’m used to spending, but if I got my money’s worth out of them. . . .hmmm.

Which ones do you want? Yes, you can choose from yesterday’s post, too.

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes you’ve purchase from If you do, leave me a comment here on the post and tell me about them.

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Very Dressy Flats at Zappos

October 7th, 2014

Last week we went shopping at Payless, a store that’s found in most neighborhoods. Today we’re going shopping at one of the largest online shoe retailers, Zappos!

I was curious to see what Zappos had in very dressy flat. Oh my, my, my. The selection is almost endless! These are not as inexpensive as Payless. Zappos carries a LOT of designer brands. The styles are lovely. The variety is astonishing! So. . . . let’s take a peek at some!

This is a beautiful snakeprint flat from

Mia Amanda Flat

Comes in Beige MultiSnake (shown), Black Leather, Black Patent, Black/Pink, Charcoal Multisuede, Mushroom Suede, Navy Leather, Nude Leather, Nude Patent

$69   Size Range:  6 to 10 Medium Width


Beautiful Anislee Flat by Ted Baker at Zappos


Anislee Flat by Ted Baker

Comes in Black PVC, Light Pink PVC and Bright Candy Pink PVC

$100 Size Range: 5 to 10 Medium Width


Rockport  Total Motion Skimmer at Zappos

Rockport Total Motion Skimmers

These have a very slight heel and come in Purple or Black Suede

$115 Size Range:  5 to 11 B (Med.) or C (Med. Wide) width




These are just THREE of the many beautiful very dressy flats at Zappos offers FREE SHIPPING AND RETURNS. And, if you order before 1 p.m. PST, get free NEXT DAY SHIPPING on all clothing items.

If you have never purchased from before, it may be time to pay them a visit. sells a lot more than shoes, too. They have clothing and accessories for the whole family, as well as beauty products and housewares. It’s one of those websites you can stay on all day long!

Enjoy the shoe shopping and don’t blame me if you spend too much at!

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More Very Dressy Flats at Payless

October 1st, 2014

Yesterday I talked about three very dressy flats you could find at Payless Shoes.  Payless is a popular choice as they have many stores all across our nation.

They are also inexpensive, a consideration to many in this tough economy we live in.

I was intrigued. So I went back and looked again. Guess what?  I found three more for you!

The Shoes


[metaslider id=407]


Please note that I included the three from yesterday in case you didn’t see them.

You can visit Payless Shoes to see even MORE. There are all types of women’s shoes, plus shoes for men, boys, girls, you name it.

Payless also sells socks for the family and a great selection of handbags and shoe accessories.

The really great part about Payless is the inexpensive pricing. Need a few colors? You can get two or three pairs of shoes for the price of one at many other stores.

Now go shop!

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Very Dressy Flats at. . . Payless!

September 30th, 2014

How many of you shop for your shoes at Payless? I wish I could. They have great styles and the prices are fantastic, but they aren’t as well made as some. I decided to take a look anyway. To my surprise, I found some nice very dressy flats at Payless!

Payless. . . Yes, Payless!

It’s easy to find a Payless store. They’re in most malls and have freestanding locations, too. There are always coupons out and other advertising campaigns which allow you to take advantage of their already low prices. The favorite sale is their BOGO which is held regularly.

The Shoes

A basic ballet flat at PaylessThis is called the Square Toe Ballet Flat by Christian Siriano.

The shoe comes in this beautiful royal blue or basic black.

Size range:  Whole and half sizes 5 to 9.5 plus 10, 11, 12, 13  Medium width only

Price:  $19.99



Payless womens side gather flatThis is the Women’s Side Gather Flat.

The shoe comes in basic black (pictured) or a medium blue.

Size range:  Whole and half sizes 5 to 9.5 plus 10, 11, 12, 13  Medium width only

Price:  $19.99



Payless Christian Siriano womens bandit flat

This is the Bandit Flat by Christian Siriano.

It comes in this beautiful animal print or basic black.

Size range:  Whole and half sizes 5 to 9.5 plus 10, 11, 12, 13  Medium width only

Price:  $29.99


This is just a representative of what Payless carries. I actually found about a half-dozen styles in what could be termed a Very Dressy Flat. There are some low heels offered, too. I saw a few shoes in wide widths, but not a lot.

Don’t Forget The Insoles

Don’t forget that with a shoe as flat as these, you might have to add an insole. When I wore the Ballet Sparkle Flats the other night, I put gel insoles in them and they were heavenly for walking!

Payless Fits Your Entire Family

As it’s a full-service shoe shop, Payless carries flats, heels, casual shoes, athletic shoes, boots and slippers in a full range of sizes for the family. If you’ve avoided Payless looking for dressy flat shoes, DON’T. Go in and take a look.

Payless customer service is good. If they don’t have the shoe you want in your size, they will call around to other area stores to see if they can find it for you. If you go pick up your shoes within 24 hours, there is a small discount for your trouble.

You can sign up for Payless emails and get coupons in your mail box. If you order from the website, they ship free with an order of $35 and up.

I know where I’m stopping next time I’m in the mall!

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What Is A Stable Heel On A Shoe?

September 26th, 2014

I know this site is devoted to very dressy flats, but. . . I still long for the occasional heel. I’ve been seeing this phenomenon called a “stable heel” in catalogs lately. I decided to take a look into what exactly is a stable heel on a dress shoe.

Neecie black (252x281)Doctors tell us NOT to wear high heels, at least not to wear them all the time. We’re supposed to vary heel heights for optimum foot health.  The American Association for Women Podiatrists recommends that you only wear a heel as high as you are comfortable with.

These are women and they know very well that high heels can hurt your feet. I think we know that, but will we every stop trying? Probably not.



So let’s take a look at this stable heel “thing.” For demonstration purposes, I’m going to use the Neecie Platform Pump by Comfortview.

   The Shoe-Heel Join

Neecie Heel 1 (253x368)


In this photo, you can see that where the heel joins the shoe, the heel is full size. There is no immediate narrowing. Well, a heel DOES have to narrow, right? Or else it would be a wedge.




The Actual Heel

Neecie Heel 2 (245x385)


Take a look at the bottom of the shoe. Once the heel starts to narrow, it tapers down to a vertical shape that follows the line of the shoe, not perpendicular as some shoes do. That part of the heel that hits the floor is still narrow, but not so narrow.



Does It Work?

I honestly don’t know as I’ve never tried a “stable heel” shoe. I’m about to.  The Neecie pump has a “stable” 3.5” heel with a half-inch platform. They claim it’s very comfortable to walk on.

Normally, I wouldn’t go near a shoe with a heel this high; however, I’m starting to wonder. I asked a few friends and two had worn this type of heel and claimed they could walk in comfort.

The Neecie Pump is very stylish.  It would go well with many types of outfits. And the best part is. . .


Neecie Teal (388x420)

I normally love animal print shoes for dressing outfits way up. However, I am in love, love, LOVE with the teal version of this shoe. I have a plain and elegant long black dress. Those shoes would spark it right up there! I think I’m going to order (or just ordered) this shoe. A review will be forthcoming.

This pump comes in the black/leopard plus the teal I’m in love with. You can get it in sizes 7 medium through 12 extra wide (NICE size range!)   Average price is $50, depending on size. You can purchase your pair HERE.


What About You?

If you are a very dressy flats aficionado by need or by choice, would you give this type of shoe a try? If not, what do you feel is a stable heel on a shoe? Is any heel that is off the floor more than an inch or so truly stable?

Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts on this. Meanwhile, I’m going to go put a hex on Amazon to get my shoes faster! LOL

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